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Fine Art

Fine Art


After a journey over seas, I began to appreciate the beauty the world has to offer. Strolling through the streets of Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and other Baltic countries, one is presented with architectural splendor on such a grand scale that you almost begin to believe that there is no equal. It’s almost overwhelming… it’s a visual assault on your senses which after seven countries ultimately leads to burn out.

Upon returning to the US, I came to the realization that I have never truly seen this country nor the beauty it has to offer. With that in mind, I set out on a new journey, not a journey to explore the accomplishments of man, but those of nature. My travels have taken me through environments both diverse and bizarre. Unlike the monotonous beauty of architecture which takes you to the edge of sensory overload, threatening tedium if it’s borders are breached, the exquisite beauty of the American frontier repeatedly fills your soul with wave after wave of… well… ecstasy.

I have been fortunate with the time and experiences that I have had. It is those experiences and the fact that there are so many who never have an opportunity to see the world as I have, that I developed this site. I want to share the beauty of the world with those who are unable to physically be there themselves. I realize that a photo is no substitute for true sensory immersion, but maybe; just maybe, it will give you the opportunity to experience beauty for yourself… at least through my eyes.

After a journey over seas, I began to appreciate the beauty the world has to offer, but it wasn’t until I returned home that I came to understand the true meaning of beauty.

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